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Feel free to contact us at the Saddleback Canyon Riders or visit one of our social networking sites. For map and directions, please visit our Map & Directions page.

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Here are some links to others who support our mission and our time with our wonderful horses.  Check out their events and participate!




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Hanaeleh is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of horses. We rescue horses that would otherwise be sold to slaughterhouses, promote horse advocacy, and manage a social network for all who share an interest in horses.

We hope you will come and join us.    Please vist us at:      

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Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks

Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks

Unique Geological Features

Geologists who studied the Irvine Ranch for the Natural Landmark designation identified many unique and rare features - including fossils of hadrosaurian, or "duckbilled," dinosaurs. The land is an outstanding illustration of the complicated and unique geologic history of the southwestern continental margin of North America.


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OC Parks - Equestrian Rides

Equestrian                        equestrian horses

Take a leisurely equestrian ride through beautiful Limestone Canyon, home of oak woodlands, grasslands, and coastal sage scrub.  View evidence of the old ranch days when cattle once roamed the area, and see some of the wild flowers that are native to our area.  You will also see The Sinks, a sandstone formation which is sometimes called the “Grand Canyon of Orange County.”

Riders should have trail riding experience and a fit and able horse.  They must have the ability to transport their horse to the staging area.

Reviewing the 1-through-5 Difficulty Ratings will help you evaluate your readiness to participate in this level-3 activity on the land.

 Please visit the OC Parks website to see their calendar and announcements.



California State Horsemen's Association

CSHA, Inc.

CSHA was founded in 1942 for the purpose of fostering interest in all breeds of horses and forms of horsemanship throughout the State of California. 

CSHA has designed a wide range of programs which offer participants opportunities for growth and enjoyment regardless of their type of riding, breed of horse or experience level.

CSHA implements its programs via its 18 geographic regions throughout the State of California.  These Regions have elected officers and appointed program chairs who volunteer their time to develop their respective programs and who represent clubs and individuals that participate in various programs offered by the Association. 

CSHA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

For more information on our mission statement see About Us.

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Fullerton Recreational Riders

Fullerton Recreational Riders

Fullerton Recreational Riders is an association organized for the purpose of promoting the recreational advantage of the community and its general welfare through interest in good horsemanship.  Check out their website for upcoming events!

We are affiliated with the California State Horseman’s Association (CSHA). CSHA is a statewide organization whose purpose is to sponsor, cultivate, and foster interest in fine horses and good horsemanship and to give aid and support to every type of activity concerning horses.    CSHA website

Fullerton Recreational Riders schedules trail rides, camp-outs, horse shows, gymkhanas, and various social events during the year, stressing total family participation. We try to plan our programs at our monthly meetings so that they will not only be highly educational but also completely enjoyable to anyone who wishes to attend. Our trail coordinator plans regular rides so that we may enjoy riding as a group while discovering new places.

Our arena is located at Laguna Lake Park and from it we can ride the 26 plus miles of dedicated recreational trails connecting numerous city parks creating many hours of enjoyable riding.

We hope you will come and join us.

Brave Grace

Working with a horse invites you into deeper understanding of yourself. Horses provide the unique opportunity for us to see ourselves as we truly are.  They can only be honest, and they see our truth sometimes before we do.  Yet they hold this mirror up to us without judgment, creating space for us to try a new way of being.   This kind of authenticity can be intimidating and refereshing at the same time, they are living breathing biofeedback machines.  They bring immediate credibility, so  insights we have about ourselves in their presence create positive changes towards self-awareness, self-esteem and self-efficacy. Horses live in the present and challenge us to do the same. They do not regret the past or worry about the future.  They respond to who we are in the moment, always in a way that teaches us something about ourselves and how we can grow. 

Are you ready to be a student of the horse?

Please visit the website to see their calendar and announcements.                                                                                                      949-371-6240