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Feel free to contact us at the Saddleback Canyon Riders or visit one of our social networking sites. For map and directions, please visit our Map & Directions page.

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Who We Are...

The success of ETI Corral 357 is due to our members! These are just some of our members doing what they do best - riding their horses and having fun!


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Our Team

Jim Iacono


Jim has been Activities Director and led us to multiple #1 trophies in parades.  He's also famous for "...reminds me of a story..."  Our corral would not be what it is today without Jim...and now he's our president, or as some have said, King James!

Bob Wilks

Vice President

Bob has been a driving force behind ETI since 1991.  Wow Bob, thanks for your service and commitment.  He thought he had retired from club service, but surprise!  Now all we have to do is convince his beautiful wife, Spike, that this is a good thing!