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Feel free to contact us at the Saddleback Canyon Riders or visit one of our social networking sites. For map and directions, please visit our Map & Directions page.

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Board of Directors

The success of ETI Corral 357 is due to the commitment of so many amazing people.  These people freely give their time and hearts to help the Club.2016Board Roster V4

Our Team

Jim Iacono


King James Crop3

 Our President, now famous for "...reminds me of a story..."  Our corral would not be what it is today without Jim...and he's our King James!


Kristen Holden

Vice President

Kristen has been involved with our club for a long time, and just finished 4-years as our Membership Chair.  Now she continues her commitment as Vice President...thanks Kristen!

Janel Meric


Don't let that friendly smile fool you...Janel's "all business" when it comes to keepin' records and reminding us all what we said!

Vicki Iacono



Sue Seroski & Vicki Iacono


 Sue and Vicki are Co-Chairs for Membership.  Make sure you contact them to keep your membership current!

Renate Soderstrom

Scribe - Editor

 Congratulations to Renate for the great newsletters she continues to publish.  And very notable, Renate was the winner of the coveted "Karen Hopkins Balthaser Memorial Service Award" for 2018.  Congratulations Renate!

Debbie Kelly

Trail Boss

Debbie's "back in the saddle" as our new Trail Boss and she's gonna do great again...she ain't skeered!

Dave Seroski

Person-at-Large (PAL), Communications Coordinator

 Dave's always ready for a cooool drink...but beware, he's also been in-training for a long time!

           Dadandiattheox2   Davejeff2

Crystal Hansen

Activities Director


Sue Marucci

Activities Co-Director


Patti Gomez


Don't mess with the Ranch Manager - er, we mean the Sergeant-at-Arms!  And if she's not thinkin' about keeping the meetings on schedule, you can bet she's thinkin' about her yellow lab, Murphy!

Murphy Adj2

Crystal Hansen

Social Media Coordinator


Rich Gomez

Emergency Response Team Coordinator (ERT) & Webmaster