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Feel free to contact us at the Saddleback Canyon Riders or visit one of our social networking sites. For map and directions, please visit our Map & Directions page.

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Board of Directors

The success of ETI Corral 357 is due to the commitment of so many amazing people.  These people freely give their time and hearts to help the Club.

Our Team

Kristen Holden


Kristen has been involved with our club for a long time, and continues her commitment as President...thanks Kristen!  And remember, she's all business that is.  We sure appreciate her leadership.

Rich Gomez

Vice President & Emergency Response Team Coordinator


Vicki Iacono

Treasurer & Membership


Patti Gomez


Don't mess with the Ranch Manager - er, we mean the Secretary!  And if she's not thinkin' about helping the club, you can bet she's thinkin' about her yellow lab, Murphy!

Murphy Adj2

Debbie Kelly

Trail Boss

Debbie's "back in the saddle" as our new Trail Boss and she's gonna do great again...she ain't skeered!

Jim Iacono

Activities Director

Our past president, now famous for "...reminds me of a story..."  Our corral would not be what it is today without Jim...and he's in charge of what we do...what do we do?  LOTS!!!


Pam Ragland


 Pam is back on the board after a 15 year break to raise her kiddos. Her passion is preserving all things horsey!! She’s going to try to “corral the cats” in our meetings.. wish her luck! 

Mike Wallace


Mike brings "new blood" to our Board and his vision is NEW MEMBERS!