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Message from the President

Living in Orange County doesn’t exactly put us in the middle of horse country. We don’t have the big ranches, equine experts and horse related shopping meccas, however once a year we get a little closer. In a couple of weeks, the Annual Horse Expo will be coming to Pomona; specifically, November 8th through the 10th.

For those who have never participated in the Horse Expo, it is a great place to meet some of the industry’s best training experts, buy those hard to find items, and get expert advice about nutrition and horse health from a number of participating veterinarians.

This year the Expo will have some amazingly accomplished clinicians like Richard Winters and Scott Purdum, both of whom are internationally recognized trainers. The cool thing about the Expo is that there are large arenas where these trainers and clinicians demonstrate what they know about horses. I remember going a few years ago when Craig Cameron was training. His advice and demonstrations in the use of hobbles changed a whole lot for me. Because of his training, I was able to ground tie Mocha just about anywhere. There were quite a few other basic lessons that I learned along the way. As everyone knows, ”You don’t know what you don’t know.” This is a good place to find out.

Aside from all the training going on, my favorite part of the show is the shopping. Anything you could possible need or even want can be found at this show. Over the years, I have found my favorite riding pants, my saddle, my leg wallet holder, my feeder and tons of horse stuff all in one location. But I think the best part of the shopping has to be the booths of artisan items from American craftsmen; hat makers, saddle and leather makers, jewelers; all of whom create handmade items right here in the United States. It makes me feel good to think I might be helping to keep these American traditions alive.

And of course, we can’t forget the veterinarians. From feeding, to leg issues to everything horse health, there is a veterinarian there to answer your questions. I am always amazed at the ton of information I learn at this event.

All in all, I think this event is worth checking out. I love being in a place that is “horse everything” so you might too. Remember, the horse community is getting smaller and smaller. Let’s patronize events like this so they don’t disappear too.

Kristen Holden
Saddleback Canyon Riders
Equestrian Trails Inc., Corral 357